Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nothing Gold Can Stay, But Goldenboy Is Staying On My Mp3 Player

The new Goldenboy album, Underneath the Radio, hits stores on October 3rd. Meanwhile, you still have two mp3s from their Eenie Meenie site, and now you have this. Summer of the Evening has an early Velvet Underground feel, with a little Yo La Tengo in the mix. I'm not just saying that because I'm an mp3 blogger. Listen to the deadpan delivery in the beginning, and the guitar that kicks in at about the 50 second mark. You'll feel it. And hey, is that a little nod to Dire Straits at the end?...wait a minute, did it actually work? Why, yes, it did.

Dare I say that the pure audio bliss that is this track makes the CD worth pre-ordering? I daresay. Now you'll just have to wait until you can.

Goldenboy - Summer of the Evening (mp3)

These are still available on their Eenie Meenie page:
Goldenboy - Second Day of the Year (mp3)
Goldenboy - Underneath the Radio (a Million Miles From Yesterday)(mp3)

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