Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It Was Just Funk.

For me, The World's Rarest Funk 45s, Vol. 2 - Sixteen heavy-weight super-tough deep-funk ultra-rarities, another Will "Quantic" Holland compilation, is every bit as good as the first. There are surprises in all of these selections, and the funk is strong and willful.

Innersouls - Just Take Your Time (mp3)
"We innersouls was a small band that was just funky, man, it was just funk," bandleader Otis Ware states simply. "The guys were so good you could just feel one another." - from the liner notes.

Rev. Jamel & Bob Johnson - Walking On The Moon (Men Are Starving) (mp3)
Man, we need help all over the land.
You said it. What you said.
And they're spendin' all that money goin' around, goin' up to the moon.
And everybody's starvin'.

Order the compilation from Dusty Groove. Highly recommended.

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