Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If I could I'd fold myself away

There are two major reasons why Ryan Adams' Easy Tiger keeps finding its way into the Toyota's CD player:

1. Oh My God, Whatever, Etc. (mp3). First, there's the little piano melody that comes in unexpectedly, and it's the perfect complement for the acoustic fingerpicking. And then there's this verse that hits me every time, like an upper cut:
If I could I'd fold myself away like a card table
A concertina or a murphy bed, I would,
But I wasn't made that way, so you know instead
I'm open all night and the customers come to stay

2. These Girls (mp3). The second song this year that reminds me of Neil Young's Good To See You Again. I could spend hours learning to play this one, and it would be time well spent. Here's another verse that brands itself into the hide of memory:
However many lies I tell without my tongue
Get twisted into memories 'til I believe them some
And I toy with you
And you toy with me
Can you stop this please
God bless all the late night girls,
and they're coming out to play

Own Easy Tiger.

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