Friday, August 17, 2007

As We Proceed.

Former Dismemberment Planner Travis Morrison's new album is a musical fun house. Surprises, like a sudden orgy of brass, or an unexpected guitar stutter, lurk around random corners, and sometimes jump at you before the turns. Unsurprising, when you look at the quirky titles like I'm Not Supposed To Like You (but), You Make Me Feel Like A Freak, and Just Didn't Turn Me On. Morrison clearly listens to a lot of music, is convention-averse, and gets his high on innovation and risk-taking. As We Proceed (mp3) is a radio-friendly song that jump-starts with single-string staccato guitar bursts, and ends with an ascending bass line, and a mysterious repeating "whoop" sound.

Git Travis Morrison & The Hellfighters' All Y'all

Stream the album here.

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