Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Spiderman Of The Rings

Selected comments from Dan Deacon's crazily high-traffic Myspace:

Jul 7 2007 12:05P
Dan, that was an awesome show last night. Thanks for signing my shoe man. Sorry if my girlfriend or I knocked your stuff out of allignment.

Jolly Hank
Jul 7 2007 1:43A
Bless you, good sir.
I hope you swing your party somewhere near here soon.
...I've never had more fun at a concert before, and I doubt I ever will.

Jul 6 2007 9:10P
Your Dekalb show was so awesome! I can't wait to see you again at Pitchfork. I've never danced so sassy at a show before. Thanks!

Jul 6 2007 2:17P
oh dan!!!!!!
my heart is still ponding!

Sethro Tull
Jul 5 2007 1:05P
Yr show at the Happy times Fun Club was some real happy sweaty nasty joyus stuff. So here's a real crappy video i took of it! Come back soon and we'll make a crazy human sauna in someones bedroom again.

Dralexander Drunkrur
Jul 5 2007 11:34A
im goin to see yo ass in dekalb tonight, you better fuckin rock the shit out of me (i know you will)

Jul 4 2007 3:56P
Sonic Warrior,
Come in Sonic Warrior.
Eire calling,
A foul mouth jolly rancher told me that a young daniel deacon is coming to wee eire. Is this a rouse to get me on a bus for 5 hours to go to the land of hill and cats that is Cork on the eve of august 18 to discover that all that is in cork are hills and cats. I hope not Sonic Warrior.
I hope not.

hurricane sophie
Jul 5 2007 7:18A
i never do this but....come to australia (specifically adelaide)! you will be loved, possibly humped.

Dan Deacon will be playing the Pitchfork Festival this weekend.

He also played a couple of songs for MPR's The Current last Tuesday:

Dan Deacon - Trippy Green Skull (Live on The Current) (mp3)
Dan Deacon - Silence Like The Wind (Live on The Current) (mp3)

...and his tour-opening colleagues, Videohippos, played this song:

Videohippos - The List (Live on The Current) (mp3)

Own Dan Deacon's acclaimed Spiderman of the Rings..

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RufusMullan said...

Any chance of a repost of Silence Like the Wind? I've been trying to get my hands on a recording of that tune for a long, long time...