Wednesday, July 11, 2007

When Your Feet Hit The Stars...

Carrie Biell's voice is as bold and strong as Nico's, and her stream-of-consciousness lyrics hit nerves that chords alone could not. Take the first lines of Swinging:

We had wooden swings outside in my backyard,
and I thought my own feet would always hit the stars.

I knew I was not alone out there as she stood behind pushing me.
I knew she felt all alone out there when we were swinging.

I drew spiders crawling up and down her back...

You might think that these two elements would clash with a country folk sound, complete with twangy acoustic slide guitar and violin, but you'd be wrong. This is smart Americana, an uncommon marriage of southern music and powerful imagery, stuff to return to again and again.

Carrie Biell - Cross The Line (mp3)
Carrie Biell - Dive (mp3)
Carrie Biell - Don't Blame Me (mp3)

Own When Your Feet Hit The Stars, released yesterday.

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