Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Take The Boyskout Oath.

Boyskout can rock your face off as you dance your inhibitions away. On their solid Three Ring Records release, Another Life, Boyskout's infectious pop hooks are deceptively sweet; they belie their bad girl punk attitude. Let me take that back: "attitude" implies acting a certain way. Boyskout really are deliciously dangerous. You see it in the videos (below), and in the lyrics:

I am Napoleon.
You are my Josephine.
I'll start a Revolution for your love.

I am your Romeo
You are my Juliet
I'll swallow poison if you swallow first.

They don't push you into decadence so much as bring you to the precipice to let you decide whether or not to self-degenerate. You will. Once you play these, there's no turning back.

Boyskout mp3s:
Everybody Knew
Happy Yet?

Stream the entire album on their e-card, where you can also buy the very highly recommended album. There's not a disappointing moment on

This is the best video in the cosmos, which features hardcore face sucking:

And this one has the ladies crossing pistols, and a sizzling synth line:

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