Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Benjy Plays Black Cat Black Cat.

My new theory is that you can't be a bartender at the Black Cat for any length of time, exposed to night after night of great music, and then make songs that suck. That would be akin to hanging out with Shakespeare and friends for a while, and then resorting to using descriptive words like "suck," "fantastic," and "amazing."Benjy Ferree, who probably served me, Randy, Uncle Tom & His Artist Wife Sugarduck spirits during his time at El Gato Negro, is proving my theory with fantastic songs like the ones below. Benjy returned to the Black Cat yesterday, where he shared the stage with Archie Bronson Outfit and Apples In Stereo. If you were there, please let us know how amazing it was.

In The Countryside
Why Bother

Own Leaving The Nest (Full-length due Nov 7th (U.S.)).

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