Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bliss In The District

As if there's nothing ugly and nothing to be cynical about in their native Washington, D.C., as if there's no war and no backpack searches at National Mall events, and as if politicians don't shoot sexually explicit instant messages to minors, The Positions crafted an album of innocent, upbeat diner-jukebox girl band pop (though they're not all girls), worthy of being blasted on your car stereo as you're served greasy food and an ice cream soda by a waitress on roller skates. The best part is, they're not trying to transcend the times through regression, or to achieve Pipettes-style irony and cleverness. They're stargazingly sincere. You hear it in the jubilant brass, and you feel it in Nicole Stoops' unwavering, confident voice, and the harmonies and rhythm section dare you to think "revolution" or "reform," and though the songs are sometimes about personal regret, what comes through in them is hope.

The Positions - I Need You (mp3)
The Positions - Back To Me (mp3)

From Bliss!

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