Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bossanova The Band

Chris Storrow (with guest players from Black Mountain and New Pornographers) is the one-man band called Bossanova, whose TeenBeat release, Hey Sugar, is confident and polished. Storrow understands where his songs want to go, and he helps them get there - the guitar and synth are controlled and measured, but the songs are given the liberty to escalate and erupt, punctuated with piercing rhythms, as in In The Immortal Words Of You. Nothing is forced, and nothing wanders. Everything flows, and that timeless voice is just right for the music. The album sounds like it could have been imported from Britain two decades ago, yet it fits right in on today's college radio.

Bossanova - In The Immortal Words Of You (mp3)
Bossanova - Calvary (mp3)

Listen to the entire album on the Bossanova e-card.

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