Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Minus 5 Live on KEXP

The mp3 blogs aren't gushing about or teeming with tracks from the new Minus 5 album. I suppose that's about right, since it plays a lot more like pub rock than indie. I like that, though. They're probably my second favorite supergroup, next to New Pornographers. And Travelling Wilburys. Let's not forget Wings. And on that note, Damn Yankees. Did I leave anyone out? That's right - GTR. Okay, okay, seriously, though, it's a really, really good album. And their in-studio performance at KEXP was also really, really good. There, I gushed.

Minus 5 KEXP Live Set (mp3s):
Out There on a Maroon
Hotel Senator
My Life as a Creep
Cigarettes Coffee and Booze
Lies of the Living Dead
Twilight Distillery

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