Monday, February 13, 2006


A quick search for Gist on the Hype Machine comes up empty. What a shame. Or maybe not. Maybe it's better that Gist isn't one of those indie pop bands du jour from the indie label du jour, whose album shows up almost completely on Hype. Maybe it's better that these mp3s are going to show up on the Great Aggregator, and will be ignored, because they're not from forthcoming new Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Part of me wants Gist to be huge like that. But another part of me wants to enjoy the post-punk, post-harDCore of their Diesel City, for myself, along with other frequenters of Revolution Records, Black Cat regulars, and such. Yes, we'll be perfectly happy to keep the searing, thrashing guitars, driving bass, throbbing drums, vocals reminiscent of TVOTR, and wrenching, tormented lyrics, to our damn selves.

Gist mp3s, from Diesel City:

Eclipse (mp3)
Things Will Work Out (mp3)

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