Friday, February 10, 2006

The Bonapartes Came, Saw...

...and so the revolution begins.

The Bonapartes have a Napoleonic urge to stir and conquer the civilized world. After listening to the D.C. quintet's self-titled EP, I think they might succeed, by rocking the hell out of every primitive soul, one at a time.

In the EP's centerpiece, Concentric (mp3), guitarist Eamonn recreates the high-pitched Y-Control Yeah Yeah Yeah's sound and plays it with the Edge's staccato. The effect is a guitar imitating hard synth, but in a pointillist kind of way, rather than a literal sound-alike, like the Strokes do, for instance. Concentric pulses and soars.

Boy (mp3), a live track not on their EP, is enough of a rush to quicken the dead, and shoegazers, and even atmospheric electro-folkers. There's urgency in all the elements - the aggressive vocals & punishing drums, the bass, and the guitar that pushes you around throughout. If this is a representative sample, their live shows are kick-ass.

I'm already conquered, underfoot, and ready for a full-length, hopeful that these guys can keep up the intensity. Who's next?

Download more Bonapartes mp3s here.

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