Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Forget Ginger vs. Mary Anne. It's All About Jake Ryan vs. Lloyd Dobler.

From What I Did For Lloyd, in the Washington Post:

A New York documentary filmmaker came by last summer and set up lights and rearranged furniture and interviewed me -- she was making an entire movie about Jake Ryan... "But what about," she finally asked, "Lloyd Dobler?"... Because, it turns out, for every one woman with a residual Jake Ryan thing there are maybe 100 with a persistent Lloyd Dobler fetish.


"Jake Ryan is dessert, and Lloyd Dobler is like the vegetables you need," says Sasha Johnson, 29, a Washington TV producer. "Lloyd Dobler ruined men forever. I can't take total credit for this, an ex-boyfriend said this to me once. He contended that Lloyd Dobler's boombox moment became the pinnacle of romance -- the standard that no man could ever meet no matter how hard he tried..."

What do I think? It's a no-brainer, ladies. Lloyd just wants to spend as much time as possible with you, and clear rubble from your path. Jake is sold, bought, processed.

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