Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Oh, Kitty!

Well, it's Bush's turn to get smeared, from a source finally worthy of the Swift Boat Vets. Trashy unauthorized bio writer Kitty Kelley's book about the Bush family will be released Sept 14. Forget what the Bush administration has done for the last 4 years that would actually affect the average American. What will stick in the public's head is: W. does lines at Camp David when his dad was prez! Young Bush pays for a girlfriend's abortion! We love it!!! Bring on the freak show!


Canowine said...

Hilarious! It reads like an Onion article.

The Keoki said...

They should make it in to a mini-series.....hmmm who should star in it?

RC666 said...

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!!! Oh sorry just sounded so familiar. Hell I wish W. was still young Bush, He'd still win the election cause then we know he is human, which is more than I can say for Kerry, he looks like a huge puppet (too much plastic surgery).