Sunday, September 05, 2004

Allison Stewart on the Fiery Furnaces' Sibling Squabbling

In Washington Post's Arts section:
Unlike Noel and Liam Gallagher of the British band Oasis, rock's other notorious sibling act, Matt and Eleanor Friedberger -- otherwise known as the Fiery Furnaces -- don't violently dislike each other. Matt did stab his younger sister in the leg once, but that was a while ago, and probably an accident. Still, in most cases, the Friedbergers would probably prefer to avoid each other.

But the surprise success of the duo's sophomore release, the wordy, nautical-themed, sort-of-prog-rock, sort-of-indie-rock "Blueberry Boat," means the siblings must now endure the prospect of a tour. Together. In a van...

Meanwhile, the Guardian calls Blueberry Boat "a crashing disappointment." Of course, a while back, Pitchfork gave it a glowing review. I can relate to both perspectives. On the one hand, it sounds fresh and utterly different than anything I've heard in years, and is courageous in its lyricism. On the other hand, the lyricism is a bit rock meant to aspire to poetry?

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