Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Henry Butler, Etta James mp3s

Ivan is about to inflict its own sort of jazz to the French Quarter. It's also raining here in D.C., and the atmosphere is right for a little jazz-tinged blues. Or blues-edged jazz. Whatever.

Here's "Henry's Boogie," from Henry Butler's 2004 release, Homeland (you can stream two more full songs here). The New Orleans piano legend injects the body and soul into this boogie-woogie throwdown. Here's hoping that he and his piano boogied out before Ivan lays waste to "Nawlins."

And speaking of injecting the body and soul into a throwdown, Etta James sends the grit on the floorboards dancing with her cover of Muddy Waters' well-tread Got My Mojo Working, off her 2004 release, Blues to the Bone.


The Keoki said...

As always, The Can brings us the goods! Talk about Mojos workin'....Can's Mojo is workin' 24/7. Kudos mi hirmano!

Canowine said...

Mo' like 9 or 10/7 bro. The beltway is eating my mojo like hot acid.

riceburner147 said...

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