Thursday, August 06, 2009

Kevin from Viva Voce made you a mixtape.

Yesterday, Viva Voce's Kevin Robinson put up an mp3 blog post, of sorts, and says, "I made you a mixtape...


It’s been a cool thing to put together while enduring a massive heat wave. Nothing beats being in a studio that’s 107 degrees!..."

It's titled "Kevin's Summer Mix," and it includes 16 beautiful & unfamiliar songs from some artists that you might know and some that you might not. The only thing missing is the handwritten liner notes. Maybe he could find an old, blank C-60 cassette sleeve and fill it out, and post it as an image.

By the way, Rose City, which is one of my favorite albums of this year, will be available in September on 180-gram vinyl with 2 extra cuts not found on the cd or digital album versions.

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