Monday, January 21, 2008

Let's Blow Off Work Next Week

Chairs in the Arno's songs are pop at its brightest, with playful, rhythmic synth summoning the carefree ignorance of youth.

Maybe you were right
These pants fit a little tight
I don't want to [sound tiny?]
Size 30 is too thin for a guy

Don't feel bad
You're not the smallest guy I've had
So just relax
We could still have fun in bed.

- from Size Thirty

But a self-consciousness pervades the fun:

Let's go play hide and seek
Let's blow off work next week
Having fun didn't seem so hard
When I was ten years old

- from Winter Song

Chairs In The Arno - Size Thirty (mp3)
Chairs In The Arno - Winter Song (mp3)
Chairs In The Arno - I Never Loved You Anyways (mp3)

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