Monday, January 28, 2008

Drop $60 Tuesday

Hope you've been saving up, because there are at least three must-buy new releases tomorrow:

Vampire Weekend - Self-Titled. At the moment, there's no other live act that I'm anticipating more.
Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (mp3)

Chris Walla - Field Manual. The Death Cab For Cutie guitarist and producer's new album lives up to the anticipation, and scratches the melodic and lyrical itches that DCFC fans may feel in the space between albums. Despite the upbeat, Matthew Sweet-worthy guitar hooks on Field Manual, the lyrics are dense and serious, and Walla ends each song with the most lingering lines. Here are those last lines or couplets, listed in order:

Let's move forward, Alan! Let's move on.
No light for any company to see. This is the score.
A life packed full of mindless joy: it is not easy to enjoy.
Keep your feathers clean and dry.
Let your heart keep the time.
I'll fall asleep with the love of my life.
It is uneasy here, but we need everybody on.
We are stories in stories in stories.
Oh, dear sir, I'm a librarian, and I am not always right,
but ours is the story of the archer and the light.
You were the power cord that made the light.
It's not unstustainable, don't say it; it's not unsustainable.
Strength is hard to find, but when your post and guard resign,
we will seal all your little holes.

Chris Walla - Sing Again (mp3)

And, of course:
Beck - Odelay (Deluxe Edition)

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