Tuesday, May 23, 2006

John Ritter Died.

Last year, NPR named three albums the Best New Music of 2005: LCD Soundsystem, Innaway, and Don Lennon's Routine.

NPR Reviewer John Brady said, "Lennon’s a clever, understated conversationalist who gives us a wry account of his likes and dislikes, obsessions and aversions. It helps that he has a great ear for a pop hook and a light but sure hand with a melody."

That's great, but Lennon had me at "John Ritter died."...He had me at "John Ritter died." The only other person who could start a song with this verse, and turn it into what might be a penetrating song that questions the meaning of a life's work, is Lou Reed.

From Last Comic Standing (mp3):

John Ritter died
Two days ago
I saw a montage of his life's work
On some entertainment show

He Created a Monster (mp3) is a blissful pop charmer with irresistable chord progressions and a synth hook that you'll be humming all day.

Stream Reunion here.

Buy it here.

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