Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Heironymus Bosch is dead, too.

When I got my Mae Shi DVD, Lock the Skull, Load the Gun, in the mail, I wondered what kind of videos would go with their spastic basement rock. The answer? Spastic videos.

According to their e-card,

They ask every visually-minded friend they’ve made in the past decade to direct a video. The magic begins. Burn My Eye creator Virgil Porter and On/On Switch head honcho Dan Belyusar bring "Takoma the Dolphin is AWOL" to life using stop motion and a bathtub full of toys. Pat McHale turns "Body 2" into an animated Maurice Sendak-inspired werewolf story. Chris Levitus weaves "One Mississippi" into a live-action futuro-Renaissance fairytale of botched suicide. Somehow, everyone gets on the same page, and a strange hour-long tapestry is woven. There are ballerinas, motorcycle goths, Help!-era Richard Lester goofiness, and lots of monsters – prehistoric birds, vampires, wolfmen, serial killers, haunted bunnies, hungry cartoon dogs and killer bats. There were 33 tracks on Terrorbird and there are 32 videos collected here...

Check out the madness: there are 4 videos streaming on their e-card.

And here's some mp3 madness, from Terrorbird:

Chop 2
Heironymus Bosch is a Dead Man

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