Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Things Are Going To Change

The Islands (ex-Unicorns, plus Richard Parry & the lovely Sarah Neufeld of the Arcade fire guest appearing) hold up under the great weight of indie hype. Take this song: these guys understand that there's nothing like upbeat apocalypse music with a country twang to soothe the weary shopper's soul this wartime holiday season. It has nothing to do with shopping, maybe something to do with war, but none of that really matters when the Day After Tomorrow is the day after tomorrow, now does it?

Well, okay, so the record won't be out until January, in the UK. I saw something glowing, and it's going to cause an early thaw.

Islands - Volcanoes (mp3)

Flippant dread. It's an American tradition. And apparently, the Canadian Islands get it, too.

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