Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday Live - Pixies

eMusic has a new exclusive double-disc live Pixies album, titled Hey - Live Pixies. It features 28 stellar live tracks from various venues--highlights of their reunion tour. You need a membership to get the album. If you've been thinking of becoming a member but haven't yet, I highly recommend you go ahead. They've got an encyclopedia of great music. Browsing through their collection is like immersing yourself in a dusty record store.

Anyway, Hey goes something like this:

1. Planet Of Sound (Manchester, England - 8/30/2005)
2. Debaser (Norfolk, VA - 12/6/2004)
3. Gouge Away (New York, NY - 12/16/2004)
4. Ed Is Dead (Washington, DC - 6/13/2005)
5. Bone Machine (Cleveland, OH - 6/8/2005)
6. No. 13 Baby (Leeds, England - 8/272005)
7. Holiday Song (Raleigh, NC - 6/12/2005)
8. I Bleed (London, England - 6/2/2004)
9. Is She Weird? (Leeds, England - 8/27/2005)
10. Caribou (New York, NY - 12/12/2004)
11. Crackity Jones (Norfolk, VA - 12/6/2004)
12. Something Against You (Washington, DC - 12/7/2004)
13. Into The White (Raleigh, NC - 6/12/2005)
14. Dead (New York, NY - 12/11/2005)

1. La La Love You (Los Angeles, CA - 6/2/2005)
2. Cactus (Edinburgh, Scotland - 8/28/2005)
3. Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf) (Indianapolis, IN - 6/7/2005)
4. Mr. Grieves (Indianapolis, IN (6/7/2005)
5. Nimrod's Son (Washington, DC - 12/8/2005)
6. Subbacultcha (Leeds, England - 8/272005)
7. Monkey Gone To Heaven (Denver, CO - 6/5/2005)
8. Velouria (Toronto, Ontario - 7/9/05)
9. Wave Of Mutilation (San Francisco, CA 5/30/05)
10. U-Mass (Boston, MA - 12/9/2004)
11. Here Comes Your Man (Newport, RI - 8/6/2005)
12. Hey (Dublin, Ireland - 8/23/2005)
13. Vamos (Washington, DC - 12/7/2004)
14. Gigantic (Norfolk, VA - 12/6/2004)

This post goes out to our young friend, co-worker, concert buddy, exotic food experimenter, and greasy hashbrown donor, Randy, whose last day at work was yesterday. Among others, I saw Final Fantasy, Arcade Fire, The Hives, and The Pixies with him. We'll miss seeing your mug every day, RC. But we'll still get out for lunch or a show.

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