Tuesday, November 30, 2004

mp3s - Pidgeon

This photo has nothing to do the Pidgeon, the band. I just liked it.

San Francisco's Pidgeon make driven guitar rock that sounds a lot like the Pixies. According to their website, they "have three guitarists if you don't call the bass a guitar (four if you do), one singer, one singer/screamer, and one screamer." They also "try to write catchy songs but not 'I've-heard-that-before' catchy."

Here's Down, from their July release, From Gutter With Love, featuring vocal harmonizing in the Black Francis/Kim Deal tradition, underlaid with surging, assertive rhythm guitar.

Get more Pidgeon here. Pidgeon generously puts out for you.


Anonymous said...

Pidgeon Says: "Thanks!"

Canowine said...

Pidgeon: Thank YOU!!

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