Monday, November 01, 2004

mp3s- Bow Wow Wow vs. Pretty Girls Make Graves

Remember when "ripping" meant placing the original cassette in Deck 1 of your "box," and placing a C-90 from your $1 3-pack into Deck 2, pushing "play" on Deck 1 and "record" on Deck 2? Maybe you taped "I Want Candy" from Bow-Wow-Wow.

Here's a tribute to those days. Bow Wow Wow's C-30, C-60, C-90, Go! is on The Best of Bow Wow Wow (1989 or 1996), and the Pretty Girls Make Graves cover is on Matador at 15.

mp3's - C-30 C-60 C-90 Go!:
Bow Wow Wow version
Pretty Girls Make Graves version


-epm said...

In 1994 my original, first generation, Magnavox CD player bit the dust and I bought this la-de-da Philips unit. The Philips deck has a program that facilitates taping. You select the cassette length (30, 60, 90, 120) and the player organizes the CD tracks into a playlist that will optimize each side of the cassette so that everything fits and you don't have an odd break in the middle of a song.

Canowine said...

YES! I HATED those breaks. You used to have to wind the tape at the beginning just right on the low-tech models, too, so the leader didn't cut off the beginning of your songs.

Bet that Phillips cost you a few bucks.