Wednesday, November 03, 2004

mp3s - Patricia Barber

I love Patricia Barber's mysterious alto. If shadows had voices, they would sound something like her. I also love her controlled, yet edgy piano and guitar arrangements. She seduces you into a rhythm, and then surprises you with an unexpected slide or rest. Most of all, I love her smart songwriting. Listen to her with headphones.

mp3s From

Verse (2002):
I Could Eat Your Words

Live: A Fortnight In France (2004)
Company (live outtake)

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litmaven said...

I agree that Patricia has a great voice. If only I hadn't been spoiled by Diana Krall's latest cd. Take a listen (and a look) at

You may end up adding her upcoming DVD release "Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival" to your Christmas list.