Monday, August 11, 2008

Andy of The Comas/Electric Owls: 3 Degrees From The Joker.

Batmania is now inescapable. Today, it got me to thinking about Michelle Williams, which got me to thinking about her ex-boyfriend, The Comas' Andy Herod, and their superior sophomore album, Conductor, an exploration of the demise of Andy and Michelle. I watched the video for Moon Rainbow, thought about the intrinsic sadness of them. And of course, I wondered what The Comas were up to now. Turns out that they're on hiatus, but you'll be able to hear Andy's new project, Electric Owls, when their record is released, hopefully this year. Until then, there are four songs up on their Myspace, and don't you dare leave that site until you've listened to all four.

By the way, look at the song titles: Magic Show, Halloween Mask, Cannibal Superstar, Darken Me - is it me, or might those double as chapters in a Dark Knight movie?

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