Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I just got the latest from Numero, the genius soul miners of the dustbin. This time, it's the soundtrack to Brotherman, a blaxploitation film that was cancelled just before it was to be released in 1975. According to Numero:

Prior to the script being finished, the producers commissioned an original soundtrack to be performed by The Final Solution, a fledgling vocal group from Chicago’s west side. The ten-song album draws deeply from Curtis Mayfield’s well, certainly, but the proof in the pudding is Carl Wolfolk’s unique guitar style – a combination of flamenco and funk – that stabs around the four part harmonies.


Dragged around for 30 years by songwriter and arranger Wolfolk, the tapes of his life’s work have finally been mixed, and the soundtrack album has been augmented to include two orchestrated instrumentals intended for the film.

The riff-lick-riff guitar sequences in this song are unbelievably good:

Final Solution - Brotherman (mp3)

From the Brotherman OST.

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