Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Blue Giant, Live on KEXP 6-27-2008

Blue Giant is not an oblong object that you might receive in the mail in plain brown packaging. Blue Giant is a band, featuring the members of Viva Voce, named after a type of intensely luminous star that is so hot and dense, it burns itself out after a brief lifespan in a climactic end as a supernova.

The band will be releasing an EP and recording an LP, as well as touring, "in the short future," according to Kevin Robinson, as interviewed in the Portland Mercury. More details on the full-length once I get them.

For now, here's a preview of their live show - they played four songs for KEXP last Friday. Keep your eyes open for this band. They're going to be something to see.

Blue Giant - Live on KEXP 6-27-2008 (mp3s):

When Will The Sun Shine?
Target Heart
Blue Sunshine
Hell Or High Water

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