Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hot Cha Cha on being a white boy in 1992.

Hot Cha Cha are from Cleveland, but wait: they don't sound like it. Lead singer Jovana Batkovic, who has a B.A. in acting, was born in Bosnia, left during the war, moved to Germany, and immigrated to Ohio at 17. She hasn't used her native tongue in her singing yet, but she uses languages as a means of creating atmosphere and mood in HCC's songs on their debut EP, Rifle, I Knew You When You Were Just A Pistol. The rest of the all-female band is also well-traveled, and it shows in their brand of spiced-up rhythm-driven new wave/punk.

Hot Cha Cha - It's Hard To Be A White Boy In 1992 (mp3)
Hot Cha Cha - Wir Tanzen (mp3)

(Is it me, or is that chord progression that starts before the middle of Wir Tanzen straight from a Sonic Youth song?)

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