Monday, May 05, 2008

Clock Hands Strangle

Clock Hands Strangle's Red Shift/Blue Shiftis a folk rock space exploration of the mind and the heart. On this voyage, the band illuminate the phenomena of expansion, contraction, alienation, reconciliation. They highlight the irony that growth and learning can lead to distance and solitude - how our experience and accumulation of knowledge can ultimately make us feel infinitesimal. And they explore the ways our minds try to make sense of it all.

Don't let Redshift/Blueshift's philosophical density turn you off. As rich as the songwriting is, the music is delightfully infectious. Lines like the one below are nestled in bright acoustic melodies, and the hushed vocal harmonies resonate throughout. There's thought in these songs, but it's as much a musical journey as it is a mental one.

Yeah we were born
The same way that the universe began
And as we form
The tiny galaxies in our mind expand

Clock Hands Strangle - Redshift (mp3)
Clock Hands Strangle - Sing It! (mp3)

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