Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Poole, 1995

It was the mid-90's, and indie pop was barely heard underneath the rumble of grunge in its heyday. But it was there, and the few of us that hoped that it had a future bought records and $5 concert tickets from bands like Burke, Virginia's Poole.

Poole - can't go back (mp3)
Poole - car (EP version/alt lyrics)(mp3)

"car" is lyrical eons from the hard alt-rock of the time:

I really like
it's my favorite show
I watch it all the time
on channel 5
and I'm really glad that Kelly's still alive

Both from their Promo EP for the Alaska Days tour (unavailable). But you can still buy the beautiful Alaska Days., which is a celebration of adolescence, rather than a condemnation of the perceived world surrounding it.

They also had a video for their hit song, Supermerica.

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