Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Picastro's Blue Period.

...where is her ear for music?

"...there's a Swedish term about whore luck, it means that you've had sex with an attractive customer, and that's your luck. I thought it was perfect."

- Liz Hysen of Picastro.

Picastro - Hortur (mp3)
The guitar arpeggios lumber along with singer Liz Hysen's vocals shrouded in Owen Pallet's waves of strings. The single picked notes crash into grating, desperate strums, the tension held for longer than a few uncomfortable moments - will it descend into chaos or return to order?

Picastro - Friend of Mine (mp3)
This sounds like a creaky old upright that hasn't been tuned or played in a half-century, echoing in a large empty abandoned room, and you half expect to see a ghost out of the corner of your eye.

Whore Luck is out Sept 11.

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