Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Reason That Jade McNelis Hasn't Saturated The Hype Machine...

...eludes me. Maybe it's lack of exposure; if that's true, then let's change that right now. Her voice is flawless, and she projects it with equal parts power and sensuality across an impressive range. She's convincing whether her compositions are lush and harmonically complex, or electronic, hard, and beat-driven.

A Montreal resident from Tallahassee, born in Taiwan and adopted at 42 days old by American parents, Jade began playing piano at age 4. By the sound of it, she never stopped. The Stars' Chris Seligman recognized her talent, and co-produced her debut EP with Drew Malamud, who worked with The Stars, The Dears, and DFA 1979.

Here's Life In Grey, which begins with a playful piano melody, speckled with Beck-esque electronic noises, and interrupted only by and abrupt and appropriate ending that prompts an immediate repeat play.

Jade McNelis - Life In Grey (mp3)

If you can't get enough of Jade, find "more" of her in this video:

Download All The Fables (EP) here:

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