Thursday, May 17, 2007

Coltrane Motion - Songs [mp3s] About Music

Every day I wake up drowning
You're a sinking ship
I'm a ghost

So kiss me in the dark
And for one heavenly second
I'm alive

Just to die in your arms

- from Coltrane Motion's deliciously warped sing-along carnival ride of a pop song, How To Be (mp3).

Also check out their smart and damn near anthemic two and a half minute pulsating, confounding head bopper, They Can't Mic The Deep End (mp3), which begins:

Let's start this off presuming
it's been done better
a thousand times before.
Better actors,
perfect bodies,
sharper wits,
and all that.
Let's study every rhyme,
every brush stroke
for a glimpse of meaning,
stretch this clumsy metaphor

Songs About Music is a buy.

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