Monday, March 05, 2007

Your Kingdom For A Song

Kaspar Hauser knows that you really can't go wrong when you set the 66-key Casio to "Harpsichord," add a good measure of some hand claps, sing about trading "your kingdom for a song," and top it all off with repeating falsettos and a harmonica at the end. It's a recipe for success every time. You try.

Kaspar Hauser - King Pop (mp3)

It's also hard to go wrong when you're a North London trio like Fatels, pleasing the kids at live shows with a hot drummer/background singer giving it up like this, and propelling a lead singer that sounds sort of like Robert Smith, and lead guitar that gets turned up at just the right time, like this:

Fatels - Sunni Cher (mp3)

Tough Luck Kid will be available for download April 10th 2007.

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