Wednesday, February 07, 2007

All You Need Is A Moment

Bebel Gilberto's latest album, Momento, will be out soon, but we need a good injection of hot neo-Bossa now more than ever, don't we. From her myspace:

On Momento Gilberto also comes into her own as a songwriter, writing or co-writing the majority of the songs, and delivers three impressive covers ­ “Ca├žada” (mp3) (written by her uncle and famed songwriter Chico Buarque); “Tranquilo” (mp3)(written by young Rio producer Kassin) and a heart-stopping Bossa-Jazz version of Cole Porter’s classic “Night And Day.” “I take total responsibility for this album,” Gilberto says of Momento. “I took a lot of risks: trying different approaches, experimenting with sounds and getting away from the perfectionism of the studio. This one is more about my feelings and views. It reflects who I am now, as a person and as an artist.”

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