Thursday, January 11, 2007

Samples of Everything.

So this is what happens when jazz, blues, old school soul, and underground hip-hop merge. Sure, that was said about Arrested Development 15 years ago, and De La Soul almost 20 years ago. And yes, post-Licensed to Ill Beastie Boys. No matter. It's always refreshing to hear samples like the ones in these tracks in the context of hip-hop songs. Nightshift offers slick, smooth keyboard improv, and lyrics that come across as just as much blues as rap. The socially conscious Learn achieves a classic feel with heavy effects and deeply soulful female vocal accompaniment, and is a beautiful lament on making mistakes, minus the learning that should come with it.

Finale/Thaione Davis - Nightshift (mp3)
One Be Lo/Longshot - Learn (mp3)

Both songs from EV Records [Chicago] Presents: Everything, out 30 Jan.

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