Wednesday, January 31, 2007

God's Atomic Bomb

The Swan Silvertones move me. I was just reading their page on the Vocal Hall of Fame website (they were inducted in 2002), which says:

THE SWAN SILVERTONES are a premiere gospel group and one of the great music experiences awaiting anyone who has never heard them. If you are not a fan of gospel music or "religious" music of any kind, don't let that fact deter you from having this unique listening experience. This is pure music at the highest level.

The a cappella quartet Four Harmony Kings was created by tenor Claude Jeter in 1938 in Coalwood, West Virginia, but the name was changed to the Swan Silvertones when they began a 15-minute radio show sponsored by the Swan Bakery Company on the Knoxville station WBIR in 1942.

Perhaps their greatest hit was "Oh Mary Don't You Weep," released in 1959 -- an incredible listening experience. It is in this song that Claude Jeter intones the phrase "I'll be a bridge over deep water, if you trust in my name" that inspired Paul Simon to compose "Bridge Over Troubled Water" some years later...

Again, these guys never fail to move me. These three tracks do it in different ways.

The Swan Silvertones mp3s:

Oh Mary, Don't You Weep

If You Believe Your God Is Dead (Try Mine)

Jesus is God's Atomic Bomb has a treasury of Swan Silvertones.

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