Monday, July 17, 2006

The Submarines on KCRW

The Submarines are a husband & wife team that broke up, wrote some songs, reconciled, and now play them together. Something like that. You can read more about their history at other sites - it's good page-filler. What matters to me is that their songs shimmer. Maybe a little too much for some tastes--but many of the groups that seek harmonic perfection and surrender to the melodies they're compelled to record have been accused of making music that is "too pretty" or "overproduced." Too pretty works for my ears.

The Submarines - Live on KCRW's MBE (7-12-2006)(mp3):

Brighter Discontent
This Conversation
Modern Inventions
Ready or Not
Peace and Hate
Darkest Things Parts 1 & 2

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