Thursday, July 20, 2006

D X S !

I was going to post Camera Obscura's KCRW in-studio performance from yesterday. BUT since there are scores, even hundreds, of Camera Obscura mp3s on the blogs already (they're one of the Hype Machine's "Most Blogged" artists) (which, by the way, is an evil category) (I digress), I'm going to post the polar opposite of indie pop: the undainty Death By Sexy.

"Polar opposite" is a really poor comparison, though. Let's try that again. If your everyday indie pop is a Starbucks Frappucino, then Death By Sexy is a day-old mug of grounds. If indie pop is Werther's Originals hard candy, then Death By Sexy are Pop Rocks. Tons more flavor, and a lot more shocking. Maybe a little less staying power, but difficult the future is to see. Wait, one more. If indie pop is a Power Ranger, then Death By Sexy is...yeah baby, CHUCK NORRIS.

In three words: harder, faster, louder. With that, I can erase the two paragraphs above.

A very wise man once said "Sometimes you just gotta rock." If you squint really hard nad look up on the mountaintop, you'll see that old sage with earbuds - no, scratch that - earbuds are for wusses. You'll see that feller weighed down with enormous, hideous, fully head-encapsulating headphones, rocking out to some Death By Sexy, enlightened by the racket that emanates from a mere two men, two voices, one guitar, one drumset, and cowbell.

Death By Sexy - You and Me Are Gonna Get It On (mp3)
Death By Sexy - Blow My Mind (mp3)

Death By Sexy are playing tonight at DC9, and their EP release show is at the Black Cat on August 11. Be a man and get yourself a copy.

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