Monday, April 24, 2006

Georgie James may sing of Cheap Champagne, but sound like Really Good Bubbly.

Take the tragically underknown solo artist Laura Burhenn's vocal and melodic talents, add the rhythmic pop sensibilities of Q and Not U's John Davis, and you get damn good ear candy from a D.C. Dream Team called Georgie James.

Mp3 bloggers know they've got a good CD in their tray when they torment over which songs to post from it. I want you to hear the entire Demos at Dance Palace EP, which you should be able to pick up from their live shows. But since I'm a mostly well-behaved blogger, I can't give you a taste of each delectable little pop bon-bon, from the opening drumbeats of the dance-along pop gem Need Your Needs, to the melancholy songwriting of Long Week (All of the fortune tellers say/It's gonna be a long week, a long week/Cause you've gotten used to the upswing/The feeling of a winning streak...), to the driving pop pulse of Cheap Champagne, which reminds me of the Primitives at a peak they never achieved. And did I mention that voice?

Fortunately for you, four of the demo songs are available at their myspace. And here's one that's not there, as well as an mp3 of Cheap Champagne, because you're going to need it for your mp3 player.

Georgie James are still unsigned, but they plan to record and release a full-length in the near future.

From Georgie James' Demos at Dance Place:
Cheap Champagne (mp3)
Places (mp3)

See them at DC9 on May 25th.

By the way, thanks to the Keoki for keeping the Smudge populated while I was in San Antone!

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