Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mind Your Figurines

I've moved in, and now that I have phone and internet, I feel complete again.

I thought I would share my obligatory "Now Playing" list of CDs I've been listening to since I arrived at the uber-metropolis that is the capital city of Delaware:

Figurines - Skeleton

And that's about it. And this is one of the reasons:

Figurines - I Remember (mp3)

Just try to deny that. Try to turn away from it, and it only digs its riff-claws deeper into your brain. And there's that "I remember everyone you know/It's eerie oh oh oh" - do they mean:

I remember everyone. You know?

or is it:

I remember everyone [that] you know.


Figurines have been getting mad hype since the release of Skeleton. Seriously, if you like your rock driven by spiffy guitar hooks and earworm-inducing melodies, then this Danish lightning bolt of an album is for you. Stream the entire album here.

By the way, I'm getting to the e-mails. Give me a day or two.

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