Monday, May 15, 2006

Film School, Live on KEXP

Last week, Film School played a live set at the KEXP studio. Barely.

According to the frequently updated KEXP blog:

Apparently, they were running late and sure enough… they got pulled over by the cops for speeding! Figures, right?!?! They explained that they were on their way to KEXP to play a live set and the cop said something like, “KEXP? I listen to KEXP… MOVE ALONG!” They got off, no ticket!

The Smudge thanks the cop for not excessively delaying them. This post would not exist without you.

Film School - Live on KEXP (10 May 06) (mp3s):

Sick of Shame

By the way, there is an exclusive in-studio performance from 2004 available here.

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