Tuesday, December 11, 2012

...on the benefits of frequent flow experiences...

Forging a deep, intense relationship, in which two meld into one, can be a difficult, emotionally draining process. But the end result is so worth it. Especially when that bond is between musician and instrument. ... identification with their instrument was measured by their answer to this question: When I perform, I feel (1) that it’s really me as a person in front of the audience, rather than my instrument; (2) protected, or hiding behind, my instrument or voice; (3) that my instrument or voice is an obstacle to overcome between me and the audience; or (4) so united with my instrument/voice that there is no difference between us.
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Monday, December 10, 2012

the best route to fulfilment is the path of more resistance

Jack White, the former frontman of the White Stripes and an influential figure among fellow musicians, likes to make things difficult for himself. He uses cheap guitars that won’t stay in shape or in tune. When performing, he positions his instruments in a way that is deliberately inconvenient, so that switching from guitar to organ mid-song involves a mad dash across the stage. Why? Because he’s on the run from what he describes as a disease that preys on every artist: "ease of use". When making music gets too easy, says White, it becomes harder to make it sing.
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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Anna Bessonova's incredible ribbon

These are the voyages.

From The Wall Street Journal:
In a testament to the music's endurance, La-La Land Records has just released a $225, 15-CD set, "Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection," with 17-plus hours of every piece of music from the show's three seasons, restored and remastered.
Titles like "Torchy Girl/Under the Spell/Primitive Thoughts," "Probing/Monster Illusion/Monster Fight/The Kibitzers (mp3 clip)," "When Your Eyes Have Turned to Silver," "Breaking Planet/Sweaty Palm/Itchy Hand," "First Goner/Salty Cat/Dressing Down (mp3 clip)," and "Eve Cooks/Eve Is Tired/Pretty Eve" make it at least worth checking out on the LaLaLand site. $225 plus $12 shipping, though. Not for the sci-fi dabbler.