Friday, August 29, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Young Disciples

Another strong addition to the Eccentric Soul collection, from the classic underground funk & soul authorities at Numero Group...The Young Disciples was a group of solo artists and groups formed by St. Louis musical hero Allen Merry through the South End Community Center to keep kids off the streets and in the studio. Essential.

The Young Disciples Co. - Crumbs From The Table (mp3)
The Debonettes - Tears (mp3)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vanessa Daou: Zipless

This album cover promises something slinky and sophistocated - something adult, thoroughly grown-up, yet at the same time, dangerous. The music, a deft fusion of jazz and electropop, delivers the steam.

Sunday Afternoons (mp3)
Near the Black Forest (mp3)

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Vanessa Daou

Monday, August 25, 2008

We kissed, as though nothing could fall.

I, I can remember
(I remember)
Standing by the wall
(by the wall)
And the guns shot above our heads
(over our heads)
And we kissed, as though nothing could fall
(nothing could fall)
And the shame was on the other side
Oh we can beat them
for ever and ever
Then we could be heroes
just for one day

David Bowie - Milton Keynes Bowl, UK (FM) 5 August 1990 (mp3s):
Modern Love

Monday, August 18, 2008

'TIS that peculiar.

George Clinton and His Gangsters of Love, reimaginings of some of his classics, will be out in sooner than a month. In the song below, his 'Gangsters' include Sly Stone and El Debarge. Yes, that El Debarge (is there another?). Other 'Gangsters' include Rza (true), Carlos Santana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and some of the old P-Funk gang.

George Clinton and His Gangsters Of Love - Ain't That Peculiar (mp3)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bobby Bare, Jr., Live on KEXP, 8-15-2008

Last Friday, Bobby Bare, Jr. played a live in-studio set for KEXP Whatever your tempo, whatever your pace, he wrests them from you, slows you down and makes you listen. Download the show with interview here (mp3) (via KEXP).

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sonic Youth, 1990

A decade and a half before Rock Band and Guitar Hero were conceived....wish I were

Sonic Youth - Live at the Palladium, Hollywood, CA, 8-17-1990 (mp3s):

Catholic Block
Mary Christ
Kool Thing
Eric's Trip
Dirty Boots
Tom Violence
Cinderella's Big Score
White Cross
Scooter + Jinx (Encore Break)
Titanium Expose
My Friend Goo > Tuning
Mildred Pierce

Monday, August 11, 2008

Andy of The Comas/Electric Owls: 3 Degrees From The Joker.

Batmania is now inescapable. Today, it got me to thinking about Michelle Williams, which got me to thinking about her ex-boyfriend, The Comas' Andy Herod, and their superior sophomore album, Conductor, an exploration of the demise of Andy and Michelle. I watched the video for Moon Rainbow, thought about the intrinsic sadness of them. And of course, I wondered what The Comas were up to now. Turns out that they're on hiatus, but you'll be able to hear Andy's new project, Electric Owls, when their record is released, hopefully this year. Until then, there are four songs up on their Myspace, and don't you dare leave that site until you've listened to all four.

By the way, look at the song titles: Magic Show, Halloween Mask, Cannibal Superstar, Darken Me - is it me, or might those double as chapters in a Dark Knight movie?

Shearwater, 5/5/2008 at Florence Gould


Watch the full concert at

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings (Live in Rotterdam 7-28-2008)

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings brought pure funk heat to the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam a month ago.

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Live at Rotterdam, 7-12-2008 (mp3s):

Make It Good To Me
Fish In My Dish
My Man Is A Mean Man/Little Bit Of My Love
Tell Me
Settling In
100 Days, 100 Nights

(broadcast by Radio 6)

And here's their performance, from the same festival, of Janet Jackson's What Have You Done For Me Lately:

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bowerbirds (Live on WOXY 8-4-2008)

The Bowerbirds played an .arresting. live in-studio set for WOXY yesterday.

Listen to/download it here (mp3).

Octopus Glory

I would like to take this moment and declare my continuing love for the Octopus Project, who have revealed a new side of themselves in these empyreal layers of electronics, guitar, organ, and theremin.

The Octopus Project - Wet Gold (mp3)

And the fan video:

Monday, August 04, 2008

Gnarls Again

Here's the rest of the Gnarls Barkley set:

Gnarls Barkley (Live on KCRW 7-25-2008)(mp3s):

1 Going On
2 Neighbors
3 A Little Better
4 Transformer
5 Save My Soul
6 Run
7 Surprise
(Now May I Curse)

Still looking for tickets. Anyone?

Now May I Curse.

If you have extra tickets to Gnarls Barkley at the 9:30 club tomorrow, email me, please. I will buy them from you.

Gnarls Barkley (Live on KCRW 7-25-2008)(mp3s):

1 Going On
2 Neighbors
3 A Little Better
4 Transformer
5 Save My Soul
6 Run
7 Surprise
(Now May I Curse)

You buy The Odd Couple now.