Monday, January 04, 2010

Mp3 Blogging is Therapeutic, And So Is This.

Sometimes I think of music bloggers as warped Seussian Hortons, holding out fuzzy pink flowers to imagined masses, insisting that here, right here on this little pink fuzzy, is something that exists and might enchant you and color your world if you will just have a listen. Meanwhile, the imagined masses seek out the things that they already know and love, too busy to stop at every snotty trunk-gripped flower that is rudely shoved in front of their faces.

So I've been busy with new challenges, neglecting the community of Who-ville, though like the tree that fell in the forest, I didn't really make a noise anyway.

Although my studies are only about to intensify, I still have my own ears, and I can at least try to remind myself that I exist. And so I'm going to start posting again, for no other reason than "It feels good."

Here's a little pink flower with Marie "Queenie" Lyons. She was a soul singer in the 60's, who worked with the great James Brown (R.I.P.), and made one LP and a few 45's. After Soul Fever was released in 1970, she disappeared. But unlike "The Smudge of Ashen Fluff," she made a noise.

Marie "Queenie" Lyons - See And Don't See (mp3)

Also listen to "A Minute of His Good Time" and "We'll Cry Together" on Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven.

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Adrien de Bontin said...

Can you repost the file please? Im dying to have this track and it expired on yousendit. please please please!!!