Monday, January 19, 2009

Today's Spam Message is from Sabina Love, a quiet and sincer girl who loves honesty and truth..

I just got this in my Yahoo inbox:

I am sabina by name a quiet and sincer girl. I love
honesty and truth. I trust people very much. I like
nature quiet walks in the parks holding hands
listening to the whispering breeze and the songs of
the birds; admiring the smiling eyes of my lover, I
hope to meet my true love, I will give him all
myself completely.i wait to hear from you.i whish
you will know me well and sew me on picture.i hope
to meet you soon,


Uncle Tom said...

well, sounds real to me!

John said...

Haha! True, true. You should email her and see what happens.

aikin said...

if you answer them back, it just encourages them.
Within 3-5 email exchanges, she will pledge her undying love, then become terribly insulted the day you don't email.

or so I've heard....