Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blue Giant (Viva Voce + Decemberist + Sleater Kinney) EP available now.

Blue Giant's Target Heart EP just became available yesterday, and it's already an eMusic pick. I've been listening to their songs on their myspace for several months now. Really, I return for this song, a beautiful southern strum, with melancholy chord changes complemented with slow, steady pedal steel and patiently paced electric arpeggios, and Anita Robinson singing sadly, convincingly, with her husband at her side:

She's a lonely girl
needles and pins
the weight of the world
she's thinking about
that lucky break
that's all it takes
i'll leave in the morning.

talk of the town
always in love
but it's never enough
she keeps thinking about
what they might say
and leaving anyway
in the morning.

Whatever country music is, was, or is supposed to be, this is what I would love to hear more of - songs that target the heart, not with oversentiment, but with simple declarations of regret or yearning.

Blue Giant - Lonely Girl (mp3)

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